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We work with a range of clients including successful entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, and families to simplify their complex financial needs. Our clients are successful in what they do and value the expertise and sophisticated solutions we bring to protect and grow their assets and create enduring legacies.

“Having confidence that the decisions you make are the right ones is what helps you sleep at night."

- Craig Bouck, CEO, Barker Rinker Architecture Seacat

Business Owners

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“I wanted to integrate the success of my business with the success of my family to ensure our financial frontier is one that has many of the unknown questions answered and we have a sold plan.”

Craig Bouck, Jones Financial client

As an owner of a closely-held business, you need to synchronize your personal and business plans in order to preserve and maximize wealth and build a secure financial future.

An integrated financial plan takes the guesswork out of business valuation and helps you plan and implement strategies that connect your personal and business goals. The right plan helps you minimize risk and be prepared for the unexpected, engage tax strategies to help reduce income and capital gains burdens, build employee benefits and incentive programs to maximize key person retention and align targets and craft the right transition, succession or sale of the business.

We help you get the most out of the business you have worked so hard to build for the customers and employees who depend on it, and for you.

Corporate Executives

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“Mike's really taken our financial plan to a new level. And he had some products that you're not going to get access to using your typical brokerage company.”

Christine Monetelbano, Corporate Insurance Underwriter

For executives at publicly-traded companies, personal wealth management is tightly linked to company performance and shareowner value. Optimizing performance-based income and equity compensation requires sophisticated strategies across elements including restricted stock units, stock grants, stock options, initial public offerings, and employee stock purchase plans.

The right tax strategies help minimize the erosive nature of taxes and strategically managing proceeds helps you meet milestones sooner and provide more flexibility for long-term plans. When an outsized portion of wealth and income is tied to your company's success, you can feel confident knowing that your wealth and income is protected and optimized.

Successful Professionals

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“When you're choosing a financial planner, the most important thing is trust. I always asked a million questions and he always had the right answers.”

Erinn White, President Centron PR

Whether you're starting a new venture or are on a path to success in your profession, you excel in your professional life and are making a positive impact. You recognize the value that an expert team of credentialed professionals can bring to help you identify and execute the right financial strategies.

We recognize your potential and work with you to craft a financial plan to achieve the wealth accumulation you aspire to. Your plan is based on your financial goals, unique financial situation, timing, and risk tolerance. Then we help you execute your plan with tailored investment and risk management strategies and solutions.

High Net Worth Families and Individuals

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"There are so many complexities that I needed to find an expert team to work with...that trusted advisor to integrate everything and help you apply it to your situation. Mike's team has a lot of depth; each one has a specialty, and I trust each of them."

Craig Bouck, CEO, Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture

For high and ultra high-net worth, wealth and legacy planning involves more than accumulating wealth; it entails maintaining control of your assets during your lifetime and beyond.

We help you make intelligent decisions on how to deploy your capital, maximize returns, and minimize your tax burden. We identify blind spots others miss and craft strategies for sustainable wealth and the legacy you desire including solutions like donor-advised funds and family trusts to preserve wealth and maximize the impact of charitable goals.

With sophisticated solutions tailored to your financial goals and sound asset management execution, you and your family can enjoy your wealth today, and for generations to come.

Savers Approaching a Secure Retirement

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You may have made a lifelong commitment to living within or below your means. Time has been on your side and your attention to fiscal responsibility has helped you accumulate wealth for you and your family's future.

Whether your goal is a secure retirement or building a legacy, we partner with you to build a financial plan that aligns with your specific goals and values, honoring your discipline and hard work.

“I totally trust that they have my best interest at heart for me and my family … work within my plan and investment views.”

Greg Pritchard, Retired Sales Manager, Johnson & Johnson Medical

People Like You

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Our tailored approach and commitment begins with an understanding of each client's unique goals, challenges, and opportunities. We recognize the time and effort required to acquire and grow wealth and we help our clients maximize, preserve and sustain wealth and apply sophisticated strategies for tax-efficient portfolios and proactive solutions to help minimize exposure.

I have friends that are clients of Mike's and for each of us, the interaction, the plan, the amount of service that we get is all personalized based on what our goals are.”

Kim Bentley, Aerospace EngineeringManager