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Our Unique Approach


Many advisors are focused on maximizing returns on investment portfolios - and the right asset allocation is vital. You have more control over your TIME horizon. The sooner you start and the longer you have to invest and build your portfolio, the greater your opportunity for success. You can't control what markets do, so RETURNS can be a wild card, without properly managed capital allocation. Yet few fully consider the critical importance of TAXES and strategies in wealth accumulation. Taxes can have an erosive effect on investment portfolios, making it a critical factor in how fast your money grows.


Taxes Significantly Reduce Returns graphic


Most investment professionals, individuals or retail investors, and ironically even most CPAs tend to significantly underestimate the erosive nature of taxes on investment portfolios.

The bar chart above illustrates how erosive the effects of taxes can be.

This is why we spend so much time helping our clients engage strategies and techniques to help reduce, mitigate and eliminate the impact of income and a capital gains tax and minimize future estate tax liability.


There's no substitute for compound interest or the time value of money. The sooner you start saving, the faster it's going to grow. Some of our clients have been saving for decades.

Some have just gotten started. Some have generational wealth or momentum that may have been compounding for generations. Time is perhaps the most important ingredient when it comes to wealth accumulation.


The higher the Rate of Return, the faster the money will grow, or the more significant the pile will get.

Many investment professionals tend to compete on rate of return. And while Jones Financial doesn't take a backseat from a rate of return perspective, and our office manages well over $2B of client assets under management of Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company, we can't control what the markets will react to exogenous events, world economic crises, supply chain shortages, pandemics, etc.

However, we can control capital allocation.


We deliver the elevated wealth management experience our clients deserve. We combine the sophisticated wealth planning and investment management expertise of our core team with advanced solutions and exclusive products as a member of the Northwestern Mutual Private Client Group. With in-house wealth management and trading, each client's account is managed individually based on a unique vision, goals, and priorities.

Solutions are built with durable strategies to help protect against the unexpected, maximize investment performance and minimize tax. Solutions address asset acquisition, compensation income maximization, tax mitigation, asset growth, protection, retirement income, legacy planning, and estate planning.

A commitment to our client is also a commitment to their family. We coordinate multi-advisor teams for multigenerational planning and estate plans help protect and preserve what our clients have worked so hard for.

We understand that priorities shift over time so we follow a continuous process to uncover unique and evolving goals, providing a fresh perspective to answer life's big financial questions with confidence so our clients can enjoy their wealth today and for generations to come.

As fiduciary, our focus is entirely on our client's best interest. We do not receive commissions on security transactions, nor do we receive compensation for recommended investments. Each account is managed individually, tailored based on client goals and priorities, and managed with our in-house wealth management and trading team.

"Had to start from the ground up with me. Always had a million questions. And he always had the right answer.”

Erinn White, President, Centron PR

"They have my best interests in mind, that's the most important thing to me.”

Greg Pritchard, Retired Sales Representative, Johnson & Johnson Medical

The testimonials presented may not be representative of the experience of all clients and are not a guarantee of future performance or success.